Tomorrow’s Art Audience (Morgondagens konstpublik) is a research project that investigates how methodologies in contemporary art can be introduced into learning processes among children and the young. The project is focused on developing methods and exercises that support student learning about contemporary art and other subjects in parallel in the classroom, in museums and public spaces. Tomorrow’s Art Audience develops exercises and collects online where educators can easily find and access the information. The project has been co-initiated by Vision Forum, Linköping University and Curatorial Mutiny

Tomorrow’s Art Audience fills a gap. There is an absence of current and up-to-date tools for educators and youth to learn about contemporary art. Many teachers who do incorporate art in the classroom are using outdated ideas that do not respond to the expression they are trying to activate, which in turn means that art’s inherent potential is not utilized. In addition, contemporary art deals with current issues in an interdisciplinary way. Teachers can therefore use the exercises from the database to address other issues such as social awareness, environmental questions, discussions about gender and equality and to investigate science or economy.

The project also creates a national network of educators and can support museums and art institutions to reach young people and schools. The project also utilizes expertise from nearby fields such as dance, drama, adventure pedagogy and cultural learning and adapting them to contemporary art.

We also increasing create international exchanges between pedagogues, artists and researchers in different countries. These processes help to invigorate learning and dialogues across border, cultures and fields of knowledge. It also brings the people involved in pedagogical work in closer dialogue with artists across the globe. It also brings new ideas and creativity to Sweden and the Nordic region.

Tomorrow’s Art Audience build bridges between art and its future audiences in order to help enrich the lives of the young and to create opportunities for them to develop a relationship with their cultural heritage. It is important for children’s development to have early contact with art, literature, music and philosophy, regardless of where they live and the tool makes contemporary art easily available in rural areas due to its digital framework. All children should feel that the world is welcoming and accessible and they should be offered the tools to explore a diverse range of artistic expressions and develop their creativity.

Tomorrow’s Art Audience is currently developing this website. It is primarily developed for Nordic children and educators and is mostly in Swedish. However, Tomorrow’s Art Audience offers visits to museums and art exhibitions in English, please contact us to find out more.

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